Biotechnology in Chiba

Chiba prefecture is strongly positioned to take a leading role in developing Japans biotechnology in medical science and equipment, drug discovery, diagnosis, functional food, agriculture, biomass and environment-related areas. The Chiba Prefectural Government is actively seeking foreign companies involved in biotechnology and genome research.

Biotechnology Industry trend in Chiba Prefecture

Chiba Prefecture is home to more than 100 biotechnology and life science-related companies, and features 20 or more bio-venture companies in fields such as the biotechnology, bio-informatics and Nano-biotechnology.

Also Universities Galore is home to 36 universities and 19 junior colleges. Chiba University, The University of Tokyo's Kashiwa Campus, and Tokyo University of Science are especially known for their works in biotechnology and life-science fields.

bio Cluster in Chiba Prefecture

Chiba, a leading international biotechnology cluster

The Kazusa biotechnology cluster, the Chiba biotechnology cluster, and the Kashiwa-Tokatsu biotechnology cluster, are positioned as a base for genome science for the Tokyo region. They are three key business hubs in Chiba. These areas each form a characteristic and excellent biocluster and have created a prefecture-wide network to support biotech and genome research.

Present situation in Chiba Prefecture

Development of the “Tokyo Bay Genome Science” international bio-cluster master plan Kashiwa/Tokatsu Biotechnology cluster Main institutions The University of Tokyo (Kashiwa - Campus) Tokyo University of Science National Cancer Center Hospital East Tokatsu Techno Plaza Analytical instrumentation metalworking business Chiba biotechnology cluster Main institutions Chiba University National Institute of Radiological Science Chiba Cancer Center Kazusa biotechnology cluster Main institutions Kazusa DNA Research Institute National Institute of Technology and Evaluation Substantial incubations