Kazusa Akademia Park (Kisarazu-shi, Kimitsu-shi)

Surrounded by beautiful and abundant nature, Kazusa Akademia Park is situated in the hills in the East of the Greater Tokyo area. In Kazusa Akademia Park. Japan’s leading industry and research institutes have gathered together to create a base that is leading the world in the research and development of cutting edge of the advanced Technologies: Biotechnology, Information Technology and New Materials Technologies.

Kazusa Akademia Park (Kisarazu-shi, Kimitu-shi) Biotechnology Research in Kazusa Akademia Park (Kisarazu-shi, Kimitsu-shi)

Organizations and Companies located


  1. Kazusa DNA Research Institute.  
  2. Kazusa Incubation Center
  3. Creation Core Kazusa
  4. National Institute of Technology and Education, Biotechnology Development Center
  5. Kazusa Akademia Park Rental Labo
  6. Kazusa Bio Incubator


Kazusa Akademia Park

Kazusa Arc