Basic Statistics about Chiba


Chiba Prefecture is surrounded on three sides by waters, and blessed with a warm climate and rich greenery. Chiba has six million residents and is ranked 6th out of 47 prefectures in population. The average age of its residents is 42.4, which is the 6th youngest among all the prefectures. (The 2005 Population Census)

  • Land Area (2006) (28th out of 47 prefectures)
  • Inhabitable Land Ratio (2005) (2nd out of 47 prefectures)
  • Annual Average Temperature (2008) (61.0°F)
    The number of fine “sunny” days is more the twice of the nationwide average (23.3 days).
  • Population (2008) 6,147,347
  • Number of Households (2008) 2,454,431
Population and Number of Households of Chiba Prefecture , Monthly Average Temperature and Precipitation in Chiba City