Industrial Sites and Four Strongholds

Industrial Sites

Industrial sites in Chiba Prefecture 1. Kashiwa Science Park2.Chiba New Town3.Matsuzaki Industrial Park4.Chiba Research Park5.Uruido (Ichihara City)6.City & City Oyumino/Chiharadai7.Chiba Toke Midori-No-Mori Industrial Park 8.Sodegaura Shiinomori Industrial Park9.Futtsu District Industrial Land10.Kazusa Akademia Park11.Narita New Industrial Park12.Tomisato Industrial Park13.Hikari Industrial Park14.Asahi New Industrial Park 15.Chiba East Techno Park

1.Kashiwa Science Park

Kashiwa SP enjoys a handy location; 30km from the Tokyo metropolitan area, and close to Joban Expressway and Route 16. Communicating and cooperating with nearby Tokyo Univ.and Tokatsu techno Plaza, it aims to build up clusters of research laboratories, development & trial facilities, and distribution centers.

2.Chiba New Town

Chiba New Town, which is located in the midpoint between the Tokyo metropolitan city center and Narita Airport, is a core city lying in the northern Chiba region. This town is a multifunction complex city with those functions for living, working, studying and recreation.

3.Matsuzaki Industrial Park

This park is located at a short distance to Chiba Newtown and enables easy access to the Tokyo Metropolitan Center(35km)and Narita Airport.

4.Chiba Research Park

This park is located at a short distance (only about 10km)from the Chiba central town area and it enables easy access to the Tokyo metropolitan city center, Makuhari new town, Narita Airport, and other major sites.This park is based on large-scaled development of complex zones comprised of research and training facilities, media research centers, residential houses and golf courses.

5.Uruido (Ichihara City)

Uruido is located approximately 42 km from Tokyo to the southeast. Its aim is the formation of a new culture that combines the intellectual information and the creativity of the enterprises. Furthermore, we have the sites for attracting facilities and the residential land, and look to combine the vigor of the residents with the natural relationship to the University.

6.City & City Oyumino/Chiharadai

Promising district favorably located at the center of Chiba New Industrial Triangle Concept (Narita International Airport City, Makuhari New City and Kazusa Akademia Park)

7.Chiba Toke Midori-No-Mori Industrial Park

This park provides idealistic location environments including rich natures, well arranged peripheral ambieance, and substantial and effective transportation networksfor high technology industries.

8.Sodegaura Shiinomori Industrial Park

Sodegaure Shiinomori Industrial Park is located adjacent to the Tokyo Bay waterfront industrial zone, and is accessible via the Tokyo Bay Aqua-line.

    9.Futtsu District Industrial Land

    Futtsu District Industrial Land lied about 12 km south of the Tokyo BayAqua-line which cut the driving time to about one hour to the Tokyo metropolitan area. The site is not only equipped with a public port facility capable of handling cargo ships up to 5,000 tons but also offers an abundant supply of industrial water.

      10.Kazusa Akademia Park

      This park, one of the Chiba Prefecture's projects, targets such a science park as international R&D and industrial hub site.

      11.Narita New Industrial Park

      The area is to take advantage of its proximity to Narita Airport and Taiei I.C. of the Higashi Kanto Expressway.

      12.Tomisato Industrial Park

      Distances from this park to Narita Airport, Tomisato I.C. and Port of Chiba -are respectively 7km, 3km and 18km.This park enables easy access to all traffic roads and routes of land, sea and air transportations.

      13.Hikari Industrial Park

      Hikari industrial Park is located about 10km southeast of Narita Airpot. This is the first industrial park where the "Semi-custom made system" has been applied. That is, we have been trying from the initial development stage to accommodate to the extent possible the needs and wishes of companies wishing to locate there.

      14.Asahi New Industrial Park

      This park is located in the northern-end area of Kujyukuri Plain and at the midpoint between Keiyo and Kashima industrial zones. It is about 45km from Chiba city and about 75km from the Tokyo metropolitan area.

      15.Chiba East Techno Park

      This park is adjacent to the Chiba-Togane road and will be directly connected with the Ken-O Expressway. This park provides land partitions with a variety of area from 0.3 to 8.7 hectares,which are not only for sale but also for rental.