Doing business in Japan

Setting up a company or local branch

The new Corporate Law entered effect in May, 2006 with radically revised and reorganized legislation. Yugen Kaisha (limited liability companies) will be abolished and absorbed into Kabushiki Kaisha (joint-stock corporations). There are a number of types of business to choose from when establishing your company's Japanese arm, including kabushiki kaisha , a branch ,godo kaisha or representative office among others. By far the most common, though, is the kabushiki kaisha (regular incorporation instead of subscription) ; this type of company will form the basis of the explanation herein.

It should be noted that the procedures for setting up a company are very complicated and must be conducted in Japanese, so most people enlist the services of a professional such as an attorney, judicial scrivener, or administrative scrivener . It is best to allow approximately three months to complete the establishment procedures.

Obtaining visas

Foreign nationals generally require a work permit to reside and work in Japan.The Japanese visa system comes under two government ministries: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (and Japanese government offices abroad, which are effectively MoFA branch offices) and the Ministry of Justice (and immigration offices, which are a part of the MoJ).

Cost simulation for setting up business in chiba

Basic cost simulation for opening an office calculated in accordance with your business plan.