Japan has many professionals with publicly-administered qualifications in a broad range of areas. Obviously, professionals are only qualified to provide a defined range of services, so you will most likely need different professionals for different situations. Major law or accounting offices, however, generally have a line-up of professionals covering all areas of business. These include:

I. Attorney

The main service offered by an attorney is to act on behalf of his or her client in legal matters, either by a request from the client or by court order. In Japan, many people consult a lawyer after their legal problem has arisen, however it is important to retain a consulting attorney so as to receive legal advice whenever necessary, and to prevent legal problems from occurring in the first place.

II. Judicial scrivener

The main services offered by a judicial scrivener involve legal documentation, such as official registration of companies or real estate. It is a fact that the more you are involved with real estate and financial institutions, the more you will need the help of a judicial scrivener.

III. Administrative scrivener

The main services offered by an administrative scrivener involve notices and requests to government and other administrative institutions. Many people engage administrative scriveners to apply for their certificate of eligibility , re-entry permit , and other such matters.

IV. Tax accountant

Tax accountants offer services such as bookkeeping, drawing up financial statements, submitting any necessary tax notices , and general tax-related consulting.

V. Social insurance consultant

The main services offered by a social insurance consultant include all social insurance-related procedures , and consulting pertaining to labour management.

VI. Patent attorney

Patent attorneys are experts in all areas of industrial property rights, including patents, utility model rights, design rights, and trademarks.