About Us

Chiba Investment Support Center (CISC) offers a wide range of  free services to support overseas companies planning to set up their office in Chiba through its strong business and government networks including JETRO. It is one of the main and important policies of Chiba Prefectural Government to promote further the foreign direct investment in Chiba, which offers abundant potential for foreign affiliated firms.

The advisors at CISC welcome any kind of inquiries about locating your business in Chiba Prefecture.

Introduction of the CISC advisors:

Akinobu Gosho
Akinobu Gosho
Worked for a “Sogo-Shosha” (a Japanese trading company).
Stationed for some years in Peru, Venezuela, etc..
(English and Spanish)


Hiroshi Ishiwata
Hiroshi Ishiwata
Worked for a “Sogo-Shosha” (a Japanese trading company) & Foreign affiliate company.
Stationed for 5 years in the U.S.A.